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There is a great demand for live events nowadays. Live TV shows, Live concerts, reality shows and real-time event updates. People just want to feel the energy, and want to see things as they are happening at the moment. Take a look at Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Phil TV Shows. These talk shows have gained spectacular success across the globe due to their live streaming.

Bet365 live does not stay behind as well. This service gives you the ability to follow the sports events live. It is available for many fields, such as football, basketball, tennis, etc. It will provide you with similar experiences as watching live games.

Keep up with the game as the graphics and text continuously update to make sure you feel part of the action. The Match Live screen shows all important moments during the match, and you may also see a detailed breakdown of events that have already taken place with the statistics button.

Always stay alert!

Bet365 has developed the “Live match alerts service” that notifies you of all tennis and soccer actions happening with your match. These notifications are sent to your mobile application and it’s up to you to choose what type of alert you want to receive. Let’s take some time to name a few of the alerts that can be sent to you:

Tennis: Get alerts during the start of the game, set results or the final score.

Football: You can get notifications like goals, mid-time results or player replacements.

Download your Bet365 App, and install this notification button. Chances are that you will always be well informed on all the sequences of the game.

One of the main advantages of Bet365 live betting is that you are always connected with strong emotions. You feel the game on your skin and can always take control of the situation. It can be very profitable if you are capable of making quick predicting decisions.

With Bet365 live betting, the rules of the games may change very fast and sometimes it can be to your advantage. If there is, for example, an injury during the running of the game, chances are the player will no longer be as efficient as at the beginning. Taking this into account you can adapt in your live betting wager on the game’s scoring total, and chances are you can make some good profit out of it if the good stars are on your side. Playing live is very interesting and you do not always have to play on stiff established rules.

Join Bet365 live and try out the live version of the games. I bet you will enjoy it like never before!

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