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They caught the ice wounds. Now snow volleyball players are eager to succeed at ME

On the weekend, Knobloch and Dostál will be the first European championship in volleyball in the snow, in Flachau, Austria. “It will be a lot and we would love to win the medals,” Knobloch said.

Trying to succeed in the snow volleyball, which has the ambition to get to the Winter Olympics. Michaela Knobloch and Anna Dostalova last year took over CEV European Tour and became “Ice Queens.” This season they went great – they won bronze in Kayseri, Turkey, and dominated the home championship in Spindleruv Mlyn.

After that, they were literally traveling to the mountains for months, moving to tournament locations by buses, boats or taxis. “In addition to transport, we were worried about the weather.I’m the sunny type, so you can imagine how difficult it was for me, “said Knobloch of Strahov Beachclub.

Snow volleyball is played on ski slopes in all weather. The demanding conditions during the tournaments did not save the participants this year. “For example, in Turkey, the organizers had to drive us out of the court, to start storming and blizzard in us. I’ve never experienced such weather in the mountains, “Knobloch said.

“We were most struggling with the wind, at one tournament at about 100 km. When the ball fell to the ground, it blew it five meters away. “Sometimes the tournament complained of ubiquitous fog or even rain.In particular, the ball in the frost grew in such a way that each strike hit him.

“It was literally about ice wounds. It was really hard to serve him vigorously. Unfortunately, this time we had bad weather. Last year, in the mountain resorts, everything was sunny and we sunbathe in the match, “said Knoblochová, who also experienced a bad luck with her partner Anna Dostálová.

In Georgia, they finished fourth, in Turkey and Slovenia too…Each time there was little in the fight for the third place. Only in the Italian Plan de Corones the curses broke and they were able to win.Nowadays the European Championship in Flachau is waiting for the weekend.

“It is a major tournament for our sport, with delegates coming from the international volleyball federation. It will be determined what steps will be taken to make snowball volleyball a chance to get to the Olympic Games, “said Knobloch, who wished two things:” Especially to make acceptable weather, which is key to viewers. And then we would like a medal. The championship will also be attended by experienced beach volleyball couples, so the competition will be great. “

Under the blast furnace in Ostrava, there is a top beach volleyball

“It is an extraordinary event,” said Michal Provazník, a member of the Bohemian Volleyball Union Board and a former successful beach volleyball player who is dedicated to youth in the Volley Beskydy project. “So important tournaments are often in an unusual environment, and it will be a case of Ostrava.”

The world elite will meet in Ostrava in the Lower Vitkovice area under the old blast furnaces.

“We have areas where the number of playgrounds and the central court can be needed inside the steel city,” said Petr Koudela, the director of the area.

At the World Series in Prague, the organizers brought about 36 sand carriages to the Stvanica tennis area. “At that time, the organizers built five courts, in Ostrava they should be more because men and women will compete,” said Michal Provazník.He estimates there could be eight.

“It will not be a problem,” said Petr Koudela. “We will use the tracks that go to Vítkovice to the company.” He recalled his experience of beach volleyball at the London 2012 Olympic Games. “I wished to see him and the best played among the monuments right in the center, so I’m glad that even with us this sport will be connected with history, “he smiled.

Koudela admits that it will be more complicated to handle everything logistically. “We have to put the tournament in between the music festivals and all that’s big buildings,” he said. In the middle of June, the Oldies festival takes place and Beats for Love begins on July 4th.

The cost of the tournament will exceed 20 million crowns.The organizers only need 300,000 US dollars for rewards, which is around 6.7 million crowns.

The event was supported by representatives of the city and the region at the same amount of four million crowns. “In my opinion, there is nothing to prevent such action in the city,” said Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura. He added that originally the city had the necessary amount prepared for the Fed Cup, but this one was held in Prague this year.

“As for big sport events, we are in agreement with Ostrava,” said Deputy Governor Stanislav Folwarczny.

Udine jersey for Barak, hotel with Balem et al. Czechs get used to China

“I was pleasantly surprised, I did not expect anything like that,” the Czech midfielder said. “Although English is not good for the locals, and I do not know Chinese anymore, but they are all nice, decent, nice and respectful. They even asked Cuba Jank, “added Barak.

And he reminded his teammate from Italy, by the way, another face of the tournament in China.

The second year of the China Cup, after arriving in Nan-Ning. Besides the stars of Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani or Gareth Bale, there are also Antonin Barak and Jakub Jankt. Or Bořek Dočkal.

“I do not know who did it, but it’s a huge honor. On the other hand, it’s a lot distorting and it does not mean anything.It is not important who is on the photo but what is the jersey, “added Barak, who was the only one who eventually came to the tournament.

” China generally lives in football, interested in it, which is see. Although they do not know us, they want to see the players who feed on the top level, “says defender Tomas Kalas from Fulham.

The Czechs are in the tournament grounds the first day, a luxury hotel in an Asian style out of the center cities share with representatives of Wales who have been in China since Monday. This Czech team did not arrive until Thursday about 6 o’clock due to a plane failure.In China, there is currently a seven-hour shift towards Central Europe.

During the morning, footballers arrived, walked out and trained outside the main stadium. “We were already on the plane to move on to the Chinese time to catch the day we lost due to a defect on the plane,” explains midfielder Vladimir Darid.

“We will see how it will reach us after the first night, but we certainly can not excuse for a while.We had the best conditions at the moment, “Barak continued.

About eight thousand kilometers away from the home, a traditionally broad support team takes over. “We are trying to make the limitations of the long flight as small as possible,” says Dr. Petr Krejčí. “We’ve learned from athletes, including Olympians or tennis players, all the information, and many claim that it’s even better to come just before the performance before you get into a new rhythm.”

Do the Czechs need to get through it as quickly as possible. Their Friday rival, Uruguayan footballer, has been preparing in China since the beginning of the week. “I heard a lot of people came to see their training. I believe he will arrive at the match.And that they might be more like a rival? I can not guess, the main thing is when the atmosphere is supreme, “Barak looks forward.

The match against the participant of the upcoming World Championship is played on Friday from 12.35 Central European Time.

In February in shorts. A native of Alaska is better in Prague than in Florida

For the native of Alaska, the streets of the Czech metropolis are somewhat cramped. But now he has to deal with them under the wheel of the powerful Hyundai Genesis, which is being run by the Kooperativa NBL player.

“I’m very curious about this,” he admitted shortly after the takeover of the car, a poor Afro-American . “With all the trams around, on the narrow streets of Prague and the small parking spaces it will be a bit different from what I’m used to,” adds a 25-year-old driver who has been driving for 10 years.

and a driver from sixteen.Fortunately, I have not had an accident yet, so I’m not wrong, “he knocks on the wood.

Unlike Alaska, he will not have to defrost his new car in the morning in the morning.

“I heard that in Alaska, the engine can freeze on the way at extremely low temperatures. But I have never seen it before, and I do not even know anyone who happened to do it. ”

Since in some parts of Alaska in winter temperature is not above minus 20, it can be assumed that the Czech winter was a weak kneel for the Anchorage native.

Or at least the last, rather chilly weeks, were it according to his taste? “It was not so cool here, I still wore shorts with a sweatshirt.The teammates complained that I did not even take my pants, but it was just not cold, “until she almost shook her answer to the usual naught. “I do not need any gloves here either. Maybe you just nanda the hood from the sweatshirt when it’s raining. Or if it’s a bit cooler. ”

On Bookerta, only colleagues from the Prague Nusle complained. Already at the Florida State University, where the winter is definitely not going, the Nigerian pivot Michael Ojo was also posting that the roommate used to the colder breeding required a little warmer room.

“I spent part of my childhood in South Carolina and a year in Las Vegas, which lies in the desert, so Florida was no longer such a horror.But I hate it, I can not sleep in it, “admits Bookert, who started this season in the US G-League competition as an NBA farm. It might have been cold February that Devon Bookert in the league he made the plunge even though he was frozen in his case, and the USK helped to make a perfect 4-0 score with famed performances averaging 19.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1.8 profits, 3.8 assists, 6.5 fouls won and 27.3 for 31 minutes.

22 of the 25 penalties turned, when he played seventeen in a row during three games, the trophy balance was 18/11 and USK returned to the fight for play -off.

What happened to the whole, which has already faded away from the defeat of the struggles, it happened that he again found the winning team?

“We played as a team, joint meetings and decided to put everything in the rest of the season.The coach spoke with all of us and positively explained to us what we should improve, “he says at the address of Greek coach Chugaz, who was missing the team before the end of the year.

And it was just the first match for the Booker teammate, who came at the end of November as a replacement for the then top shooter Quentin Peterson, heading for South Korea.

In the middle of January his contributions were very modest. Since then, she has been riding like a saw and, on request, sparks twenty-point performance. Maybe even because he was better off with a wing roll.

“I’ve been changing my guard positions all my life, but I feel the most comfortably in the heat.Upon coming here, I just had to get a little used to adjusting to other games and rules in Europe, “admits the American, who also surprised his overseas family with the MVP prize from the Czech league.

Plebanec gets used to Toronto. The beards had to go down, as well as ice time

If Plekanec plays all of the remaining parts of the base, he will complete this 999 Series in the Match Box. “I hope to return to Montreal. But we will see, “he did not want to anticipate a 35-year-old forvard. But the jubilee feat in the opening match of the team’s next junior team, with which he has almost united his career, would have hockey fans around the world.

But now he is on a different mission. The exchange from Canada’s melting francophone metropolis has been on the brink for a long time, trembling has taken place this year. Expected gauge made it easy for Plecan to communicate with General Manager Marc Bergevin. “He could send me away without a single word. But before we left, we solved the situation.I did not know where to go, but at least I knew I would stay in the east, “Plekanec said in an interview for Sportsnet television. Canadiens boss facilitated them. “I respect Mare’s respect. And together with him and the whole organization. “Eventually, he did not have to venture into a new location. His new home for the rest of the season became Toronto. The club filled with young talents is going to play off, the necessary experience will be given by the Czech coward.

Lou Lemoriello is lured by Maple Leafs. A general manager who, during a New Jersey career, was renowned for a strict regime involving short cut hairstyles and a ban on high jersey numbers.Whoever could not imagine Plekans without his beard must get used to it.

“My former teammate Brian Giont was already preparing for me. And he was right, “laughed the smooth-faced Kladen native.

In Toronto, they recall well another envoy from Kladno, former defender of Tomas Kaberle. “He once told me that I would fit into Maple Leafs perfectly. I told him that it would probably never happen, “Plekanec recalled. Kaberle was the first to learn about his February move.

Plekanec, the junior world champion in 2001, has not seen the Toronto score in his eight earning points. His new team, however, is experiencing one of the best seasons in 15 years, mainly thanks to the performance of the youngsters of Mitchell Marner, William Nylander and the star Austin Matthews.For the experienced hockey player, he is still in the fourth row.
Maple Leafs confirmed the form in the last match against Montreal, who beat 4: 0. Plebanec ate ​​with his recent teammates, who fired again by putting on the Czech striker so characteristic turtleneck.

The ex-deputy captain has said, “Like in the old days. It’s just a little different. “After play off, it will show how long.

VIEW: Why did Dario win and why not take the polls seriously

The example of Koubka shows that the polls express only the subjective view of a narrow circle of voters.

Darida is popular with both teammates and opponents, fans across league clubs. He is a practitioner who is often the most accustomed to the field.

Since the unexpected invitations to the European Championship in the summer of 2012, he has a steady performance, with successive steps he has gained a solid reputation. After Pilsen he made his appearance in Freiburg, which he then exchanged for a much larger Hertha in Berlin, where he also belongs to the support.

The Pilsner Parent is a heartbreaker. Poctivec. Dobrák.

But was he the best of all Czechs in 2017? He himself admitted that he had a more successful period. “The first year in Berlin, I probably felt the best feeling.On the other hand, I did not finish the last one because of injuries, “the midfielder who ended up with the club in the weak European League last month and did not play a large part of the autumn because of a bloody knee.

However, since 2013, Darida is regularly taking part in one of the finest competitions of the planet, which automatically guarantees points in the Czech Republic.

Even in the most famous Golden Ball, the best of all was not in the year when Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo won.But for voters, the name and long-term performance will take precedence over the current form.

That Darida exceeds the hegemony of Petr Čech, they could also decide matches in the representation. Since the summer of 2016 Bohemia has not been a national team. Even the fact that Arsenal has been experiencing one of the weakest years of the last years could also be jeopardized.

But why is not the seventh Jiri Pavlenka, who won the title and after moving to Germany, is holding the average Bremen outside the descent partitions?

Why did not anyone vote for Koubka, L’Equipe the best goalie in France? When he arrived at Rennes in early September, the nineteenth team was the penultimate.Now it’s thanks to Koubka in the fifth table…

Polls often do not rely on objective data, but they are also sympathetic – it is evidenced by the fact that in Football Manager 2017 Josef Jindřišek, Bohemians 1905. It’s not necessary to take them seriously.

The fierce finishing of the mass race was mastered by Fourcade, Moravec was eleventh

Both of the two breathing spurts behind the finish line fell on the snow. Not one of them was happy with the enormous performance and enthralling finishing, Martin Fourcade even shook his head unhappy. But after a while, the French biathlete Simon Schempp, his main Sunday challenger, embraced as an Olympic champion! The Germans ran a few millimeters!So dramatic was the arrival of the last individual Olympic race in Korea.

Martin Fourcade celebrates the fourth Olympic triumph in his career and as the only biathlete in Pyongyang he has won two individual medals.

The silver loser has become Schempp , for the bronze medal, Nor Emil Hegle Svendsen, who finished in the final round of the other Erik Lesser and Benedikt Dolla. Ondřej Moravec fired three items perfectly without errors and kept himself in the best position.However, the error on the final item in the standing position pushed him to fight for other places.

“It was a tight shot at ten o’clock,” biatlon coach Michael Málek said to Czech Television. “Otherwise it was a great performance. We are sorry for everyone and Ondra for the most, “he added.

Krčmář nesprávoval, nesprávoval. A mistake was made by the Czech biathlete on the last lap as the seventh, in the final three kilometers, a pack of persecutors went over it, so the bronze medalist from the Sochi mass start race takes 11th place.

“The first wrong shot was down, I did not think it was. Then he left the last wounds there, keeping the concentration.On the last item he wanted to score quickly, but he failed, “he commented coach Malek landlord shooting actions.

the landlord over previous Olympic races did not go so even on the track. Of the thirty rounds he scored 21th time, Moravec was in the sixteenth run. The fastest lap of the Alpensia area was the victorious Fourcade, who was trying to ensnare German officials in the second half of the race. In vain.

Fourcade brings the second gold from Pyongyang. Another may add in relay races.On Tuesday there will be a mixed relay in which the Czech quartet could be high.

“There are three adepts on two men’s sections,” said Málek, who could send Krčmář and Moravce to the race. “It will matter how they will feel and what the moods will be. We will also see what health will be, “he concluded.

How It Happened

Sweden – Finland 3: 1, the winner goes straight to the quarterfinals

“It’s a big win for us. It’s exactly what we wanted to achieve. And that was the (direct) move to the quarterfinals. I think we played really well as a team, “Captain Joel Lundqvist said. “It was a balanced match in which neither team had a lot of chances, but we did it and we won,” he added.

In the Swedes’ goal, Fasth took on the opening duel with Norway (4: 0) with zero, followed by his colleague Enroth last time against Germany (1: 0).

The Swedes had an introduction but Möller of the Finnish goalie Koskinen did not overcome. After half of the introductory part, the Swedes were cheering when Lindhold rang out, but according to the follow-up of the video, the stick was too high. The goal, which moved by a stateless state, was set at 15.minute Lander, who knocked on Koskinen and beat him with a blow between the concrete.

Kemppainen missed the start of the second part, but missed a successful opportunity before the naked Swedish goal. Koivisto ended with a bekhendem, the puck was flowing through the sword of Fransson, he flew into the air, flew Fastha and Kemppainen took him behind the back of his net. The Swedes earned the 141 minutes and 32 seconds for the first time in the tournament.

In the 27th minute Kemppainen could have finished the turn but failed. The Finns have significantly increased their activity, Heiskanen had another chance to score, but again without success. Then Manninen found himself in the ideal position for the finish of the Koskirant, but greatly hit the goalman Fasth.Koskinen pushed Lindström’s wound off before the pause.

The third part was again Swedish. And the guys went on again from the 49th minute: Fransson threw his gun, and Zackrisson found the puck in the fall and sent him back for Koskinen’s back.

“It was the situation after the throw-in when we sent the reel to the goal, there I managed to fight him and send him to the net. It’s great to score at the Olympics.And it’s great to make the team move into the quarterfinals, “Zackrisson was pleased.

The young Tolvanen, the most productive player in the tournament, > In the end, the Finns had a great deal of opportunity to compensate when the Trekronor selection offered them a power play, but they did not even have a power-play risk, with Tolvanen blowing from the first missed goal. He added to the Swedes who are among the top eight to compete with the winner of the Switzerland-Germany Duel, five seconds before the final siren Möller, who scored a goal.

The quarterfinals are a reality, but a very difficult match is ahead of us.Meanwhile, we can be happy and happy, but if we lost in the quarterfinals, it would be a great disappointment, “said Lundqvist.

” It was a tough match for us that was small details. And the opponent gave more goals than we did. It was a battle in which we were unable to use the power play. Even though we had quite a chance, sometimes it just does not fit. In the big matches that are ahead of us, they will need to be used, “said Finnish defender Sami Lepistö.