Goalkeeper Bartosak has another zero, Vítkovičti beat the Pilsen leader

“An attractive match similar to the previous one with Kometa (Vítkovice lost 0: 1 – note red.) This time we were happier and we had some goals. Pilsen, however, showed that it is not in vain at the top. We are very happy to have reached the winning end, “said Pavel Trnka, the coach of Vítkovice.

” We are sometimes in the game even after the winning game and we criticize them, this time even when they lost, “Jiri Hanzlik, the Pilsen coach, evaluated the duel. “This was reminded by the quarterfinals of the Czech Twenty in the World Championship, when he did not win better.But we were not effective at the end, it was hard to say how much it was a goalman and how much our unproductiveness. ”

Three points by Vitkovice won not only flawless Patrik Bartosak in the goalie who scored the fourth zero of the season but also forvard Jakub Lev, who invented and prepared the winning goal for Rostislav Olesz. “It was really like a match with Brno, just the difference we made the first goal,” said Lev, who played yesterday his four-game match in the Extraly and just against Pilsen, where he came to Vítkovice before the season. “We were relieved by a happy second goal, but the third third was not ours. But such matches are.Pilsen lost only three points in the season for the third time, so we are glad that we are the team that handled it. ”

Vítkovice captain Rostislav Olesz has also recognized the strength of his opponent. “Pilsen performs a great hockey and we have the chance to jump. Although on the defending side, but for the spectator it had to be an excellent match. In the first third we went twice on our own at the gate, several times two at a time. Probably beautiful for the spectator, but great nerves for the coaches, “Olesz said. “We knew about their strength, they could see how strong they were on the puck they had chances. But again – we had a great defense and we had a good Patrick in the gate.It was the match. ”

Vítkovičtí in the third part fired only three times, Plzensky sent fourteen attempts. “Bartes (Bartosak) held us when Pilsen pushed. He was waiting for everything, so the satisfaction was great, “the Lion smiled. “There were chances there, power play, everything, but without a goal it is not possible”, said the attacker of Pilsen Tomáš Mertl.

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