Olympic Relay Test. About the vanished section of David and flying Vítková

On Thursday, she sat in the car and traveled to Ruhpolding, she trained on Friday and went to work on Saturday, once again as a Czech relay specialist for the World Cup.

“Explained coach Zdeněk Vítek, why they ran the order of the sections and reported the Czech quartet in the amended order of Jislova, Davidova, Puskarcikova, Vítková.

” It should gradually graduate, “Vitek believed. > When David learned she was expecting a second and not a third stretch this time, she said a little: “Whoever made it out of this season went to the penalty round.If he was not in vain. ”

If it was, in Ruhpodling, this joke formula did not work.

Jessica Jislova got her wand in the first section when she came too close to Slovakia Fialkova , but after a shit on the track she met Veronika Vítková in the cell and said to her: “You skis were wonderful tonight.”

JAU.Jessica Jislova and a wand with a wand from Slovak Fialka. With Jislova, Jislova had a double-reel finish, but in her final round she improved the eighteenth place of the relay to the thirteenth and handed it with just 41 seconds to the front.


Markéta David went into battle with her new rifle model 2018, which she made tailored to a Slovenian expert and who speaks courageously: “I really do.The change of the gun was a great step. ”

Later, it was recharging, then spit on the stand, its more dreadful item, and five targets wiped out five targets. “I like such a positive surprise,” he pleaded with Vitek’s binoculars.

It was not so significant that David once again took the item a little longer. “I know, I shoot slowly, there is still a lot of work ahead of me,” she said later. “I can not do any more zeros on the running belt, so I’m not going to speed at that moment when I’m not sure about the precision. That would be useless. Zero is counting. ”

She handed over how she picked up, at 13.position. “So I could break the curse of the second section, no penalty round,” she pleased the Benjamín team. “But on the third section I liked it more.”

Eva Puskarčíková was rushing in Ruhpolding and pushed the relay into the top ten. The damage of one recharging lying down. “I thought the last target fell and I got up and he did not,” she said.

FANOUŠCI. The Czech, Moravian and Wallachians were more than enough along the track.

From the ninth place, eight seconds behind the eighth Russians, Veronika Vítková sent the finisher to the event. The sixth bar was at that moment almost for a full minute.But Vítková flew through the snow, overtaken Russia, dragged the seconds to the others, then even tens of seconds.

“Well prepared skis, I have to praise a service team,” she said. And she was perfectly prepared. It’s as if it was this time alone.

Also, her sometimes haphazard first blow lurked.

“But again, I did not miss the last one, even though I was sure it would fall,” she admitted. She even instinctively closed the diopter flap. But the black target flashed at her. She quickly knocked him on and was rushing again to Russia Jurlova, who had somehow jerked her after the shooting range. After a moment, the Czech team’s transmitter said, “Verča has it again.”

The stand was perfect, flawless, in 24 seconds, the second fastest.

Veronika Vítková next Russian Jurlovové to strut.

fired from the range for a Frenchwoman and a Swiss suddenly looks: Hey, they both then it bends to the left in the penalty round.

The Czechs suddenly rode sixth ago Vítková’s hole, Vítková’s hole, more or less decided on the placement. Trainers came from the ether logical instruction: “Pošetři little strength to Masák.”

She did, slowed down slightly in the finish area waving to spectators and extremely happily told: “Today I felt really good. Although it was the fifth race in the quarter, my strength did not move. On the contrary, I felt like I had more than Thursday. ”

Which has confirmed the numbers and statistics. Absolute time was in the battle of stars in the fourth section of all the best.Reason for a smile, right? On the other hand, Aita Gasparin, who took over the Swiss Relay in the first place and brought her to the seventh, ran away tears of disappointment, while a little bit further Italians chewed up their second place and finisher Federica Sanfilipp announced, “I do not eat tomorrow , so I’m going to have a welding day to celebrate. ”

As for the Czech women’s relay, however, it seems that the set for Pyongyang is very strong.For the second time in the season, this four-seventh has come, now much closer to the front of the race than in Hochfilzen in December.

So Marketa Davidova may think at the age of 21 that she will “see” a piece of Korea in February and even before he trains with a team at a campsite camp in Kazakhstan.

“Nooo, I do not know, nobody has officially told us yet,” she smiled, adding to the theme of the Olympic Games: “I did not really go to them because I believe my time will come to them in the future. But if it came out this year, it will be such a diversification, a reward for previous work. “Zdeněk Vítek in the past, still with the competitor Gabriela Koukalová, experienced in the World Cup with women’s relay and medals and even” globe “times.But Koukal is not here this year, and she will not be in Korea either. This is the team that the coach is now betting on.

“Getting on the small podium for the six best is now the same success for us as we did before,” he reminded.

After dinner, the Czechs went to a small podium at the evening ceremony in the center of Ruhpolding.

The last pre-Olympic test of the relay came out. Veronika Vítková looked in the distance and into the future until somewhere in the Korean snow, and said, “When we avoid the offending rounds and we will be able to catch up at least, we can go at least the first sixth at the Olympics.”

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