Olympic Relay Test. About the vanished section of David and flying Vítková

On Thursday, she sat in the car and traveled to Ruhpolding, she trained on Friday and went to work on Saturday, once again as a Czech relay specialist for the World Cup.

“Explained coach Zdeněk Vítek, why they ran the order of the sections and reported the Czech quartet in the amended order of Jislova, Davidova, Puskarcikova, Vítková.

” It should gradually graduate, “Vitek believed. > When David learned she was expecting a second and not a third stretch this time, she said a little: “Whoever made it out of this season went to the penalty round.If he was not in vain. ”

If it was, in Ruhpodling, this joke formula did not work.

Jessica Jislova got her wand in the first section when she came too close to Slovakia Fialkova , but after a shit on the track she met Veronika Vítková in the cell and said to her: “You skis were wonderful tonight.”

JAU.Jessica Jislova and a wand with a wand from Slovak Fialka. With Jislova, Jislova had a double-reel finish, but in her final round she improved the eighteenth place of the relay to the thirteenth and handed it with just 41 seconds to the front.


Markéta David went into battle with her new rifle model 2018, which she made tailored to a Slovenian expert and who speaks courageously: “I really do.The change of the gun was a great step. ”

Later, it was recharging, then spit on the stand, its more dreadful item, and five targets wiped out five targets. “I like such a positive surprise,” he pleaded with Vitek’s binoculars.

It was not so significant that David once again took the item a little longer. “I know, I shoot slowly, there is still a lot of work ahead of me,” she said later. “I can not do any more zeros on the running belt, so I’m not going to speed at that moment when I’m not sure about the precision. That would be useless. Zero is counting. ”

She handed over how she picked up, at 13.position. “So I could break the curse of the second section, no penalty round,” she pleased the Benjamín team. “But on the third section I liked it more.”

Eva Puskarčíková was rushing in Ruhpolding and pushed the relay into the top ten. The damage of one recharging lying down. “I thought the last target fell and I got up and he did not,” she said.

FANOUŠCI. The Czech, Moravian and Wallachians were more than enough along the track.

From the ninth place, eight seconds behind the eighth Russians, Veronika Vítková sent the finisher to the event. The sixth bar was at that moment almost for a full minute.But Vítková flew through the snow, overtaken Russia, dragged the seconds to the others, then even tens of seconds.

“Well prepared skis, I have to praise a service team,” she said. And she was perfectly prepared. It’s as if it was this time alone.

Also, her sometimes haphazard first blow lurked.

“But again, I did not miss the last one, even though I was sure it would fall,” she admitted. She even instinctively closed the diopter flap. But the black target flashed at her. She quickly knocked him on and was rushing again to Russia Jurlova, who had somehow jerked her after the shooting range. After a moment, the Czech team’s transmitter said, “Verča has it again.”

The stand was perfect, flawless, in 24 seconds, the second fastest.

Veronika Vítková next Russian Jurlovové to strut.

fired from the range for a Frenchwoman and a Swiss suddenly looks: Hey, they both then it bends to the left in the penalty round.

The Czechs suddenly rode sixth ago Vítková’s hole, Vítková’s hole, more or less decided on the placement. Trainers came from the ether logical instruction: “Pošetři little strength to Masák.”

She did, slowed down slightly in the finish area waving to spectators and extremely happily told: “Today I felt really good. Although it was the fifth race in the quarter, my strength did not move. On the contrary, I felt like I had more than Thursday. ”

Which has confirmed the numbers and statistics. Absolute time was in the battle of stars in the fourth section of all the best.Reason for a smile, right? On the other hand, Aita Gasparin, who took over the Swiss Relay in the first place and brought her to the seventh, ran away tears of disappointment, while a little bit further Italians chewed up their second place and finisher Federica Sanfilipp announced, “I do not eat tomorrow , so I’m going to have a welding day to celebrate. ”

As for the Czech women’s relay, however, it seems that the set for Pyongyang is very strong.For the second time in the season, this four-seventh has come, now much closer to the front of the race than in Hochfilzen in December.

So Marketa Davidova may think at the age of 21 that she will “see” a piece of Korea in February and even before he trains with a team at a campsite camp in Kazakhstan.

“Nooo, I do not know, nobody has officially told us yet,” she smiled, adding to the theme of the Olympic Games: “I did not really go to them because I believe my time will come to them in the future. But if it came out this year, it will be such a diversification, a reward for previous work. “Zdeněk Vítek in the past, still with the competitor Gabriela Koukalová, experienced in the World Cup with women’s relay and medals and even” globe “times.But Koukal is not here this year, and she will not be in Korea either. This is the team that the coach is now betting on.

“Getting on the small podium for the six best is now the same success for us as we did before,” he reminded.

After dinner, the Czechs went to a small podium at the evening ceremony in the center of Ruhpolding.

The last pre-Olympic test of the relay came out. Veronika Vítková looked in the distance and into the future until somewhere in the Korean snow, and said, “When we avoid the offending rounds and we will be able to catch up at least, we can go at least the first sixth at the Olympics.”

Start of winter preparations for Slovácko footballers: without advice or without reinforcement

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Slovácko’s footballers are still split into two halves due to the traditional health and physical tests in Olomouc. As soon as everyone meets for the first time in the morning, Michal Kordula will not have the problem of checking whether the training camp in Turkey is complete. No new face would have been there.

“But we are intensively working on the arrival of one or two players who should be an immediate reinforcement in the struggle for rescue,” said sports director Stanislav Levy.

He refused to speak about the details. According to MF DNES, Slovácko wants to defeat even one offensive from one Czech player.It is definitely not the return of Michal Kadlec from Sparta, whom some media have speculated in the past days.

Coach Kordula mentions the effort of the Slovaks to maximize their own players. each coach would want reinforcements, preferably of great quality to be relatively calm. But I think that even though we are in some difficulties, he is not to avoid the concept of the club, “Kordula stressed.

The coach of the current 14th team of the league, which is only two points from the descent, also admits that the arrival of several reinforcements from outside this time seems to be needed. “We know where our shoes are pushing.Some players who are interesting to us are on the agenda, I’m also in touch with them, but in order to succeed, it’s more of our leadership. ”

The competition also circles around several Slovak footballers: Heči, defender of the Bohemika, Havlíček midfielder with Machalík and the striker of the Rabbit.

“We register a certain interest, but nothing is in the hot phase. We would have to respond adequately to the eventual departure, “said Levent Sports Leader.

Slovácko will head to the Turkish resort of Belek tomorrow without the Tomáš Rady, who is in order after the summer knee surgery. p> Tomáš Rada (right) last year fought for health problems, with Slovácko to Turkey probably will not.

“The tests did not solve.Although he has been running for some time, but the ball has not been on the field yet, we are wondering if we would prefer to leave him in an individual training regime, “said Kordula coach at the 34-year-old Council, who only played for six minutes in 2017. “We will only see what Tomáš will be in the health and gaming situation, and the place in the squad has to fight like everyone else.” On the other hand, Fit is the next scooter, who in the autumn suffered from knee problems – Tomáš Břečka.

Besides, the team again joined the midfielder Tomas Vasiljev, who spent six months on hosting in Vítkovice.

“We followed him but we wanted to see his improvement also in the training process.Training with us will be Matěj Trmal from the junior and the 17-year-old Michal Kohút from the puppet in which we see the future, “Kordula noted.

Slovácko spends three weeks of the winter break for two weeks in Turkey

“In addition to some time on the road, I see only a great deal of it. We are looking for high-quality playgrounds and quality rivals, “commented the coach. “Last year we were almost three weeks in a row, similar to the summer in Slovenia.Now, we have decided to break it by returning to Hradiště. ”

At home, the team will live the second half of January, when the preparation will add to a duel on the Rapid Vienna course, for which it will be general before the spring start of the Austrian League.

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Goalkeeper Bartosak has another zero, Vítkovičti beat the Pilsen leader

“An attractive match similar to the previous one with Kometa (Vítkovice lost 0: 1 – note red.) This time we were happier and we had some goals. Pilsen, however, showed that it is not in vain at the top. We are very happy to have reached the winning end, “said Pavel Trnka, the coach of Vítkovice.

” We are sometimes in the game even after the winning game and we criticize them, this time even when they lost, “Jiri Hanzlik, the Pilsen coach, evaluated the duel. “This was reminded by the quarterfinals of the Czech Twenty in the World Championship, when he did not win better.But we were not effective at the end, it was hard to say how much it was a goalman and how much our unproductiveness. ”

Three points by Vitkovice won not only flawless Patrik Bartosak in the goalie who scored the fourth zero of the season but also forvard Jakub Lev, who invented and prepared the winning goal for Rostislav Olesz. “It was really like a match with Brno, just the difference we made the first goal,” said Lev, who played yesterday his four-game match in the Extraly and just against Pilsen, where he came to Vítkovice before the season. “We were relieved by a happy second goal, but the third third was not ours. But such matches are.Pilsen lost only three points in the season for the third time, so we are glad that we are the team that handled it. ”

Vítkovice captain Rostislav Olesz has also recognized the strength of his opponent. “Pilsen performs a great hockey and we have the chance to jump. Although on the defending side, but for the spectator it had to be an excellent match. In the first third we went twice on our own at the gate, several times two at a time. Probably beautiful for the spectator, but great nerves for the coaches, “Olesz said. “We knew about their strength, they could see how strong they were on the puck they had chances. But again – we had a great defense and we had a good Patrick in the gate.It was the match. ”

Vítkovičtí in the third part fired only three times, Plzensky sent fourteen attempts. “Bartes (Bartosak) held us when Pilsen pushed. He was waiting for everything, so the satisfaction was great, “the Lion smiled. “There were chances there, power play, everything, but without a goal it is not possible”, said the attacker of Pilsen Tomáš Mertl.

Sharp shoulder. Why can Samk be injured even in sleep?

“You’re already saying,” Why are I really here? “coach Marek Jelinek describes his chandra from the December apocalypse of the team. “But you will find yourself much more positive.”

This is especially true of the prominent female patient. In February, she defends Olympic gold in Korea and her shoulder is one of the three most watched wounds in the Czech winter. Gabriela Koukalová’s legs are probably the worst, Martina Sáblíková’s back is asking for extra training – and for her?

“It’s just my shoulders trying on me.But I’m used to riding with them even in a worse condition, “says a girl who, four years ago, won the fans with a courageous ride, a rascal-painted mustache, and a champion on the podium to turn the jacket to a gold lining.

Oh, her shoulders! The biathletes and the fresh Sportswoman of the Year have come up with umbilicus calves unexpectedly, the saddle of the speed-triumphant Sáblíková are burdened with years and years of hard work.

U Samka is a little easier. “The shoulder has a poor layout, it has low joints.The likelihood of her jumping out is greater than in others, “explains Jakub Flejšar, another coach of the Samk. Sometimes these are scenes from a bad joke. “Now it may have happened to her that she fell out of sleep – she moved very badly and her shoulder jumped,” Flejšar recalls. “But the fired will not stay, he will always come back alone. By the second day, it is then able to work under the powders. ”

Repeated injuries naturally cause tissue damage around the joint. One operation is behind Samko, the other is probably not going to be avoided. These problems are actually coloring. “We take it with reserve. In Sochi, her shoulder fell off during training and was normally able to enter races, “Flejšar believes in a golden example. “It will never be ideal.We have to learn how to live and work. ”

The central commandment is clear. “It must not fall,” says Jelinek and his colleague Flejšar adds. “And we hope he will not fall. Now we had an incredible coincidence when all three of them were all stupid – and they all wounded their shoulders. Evky is more likely than that. ”

The female definitely does not sacrifice special exercises, but in this case it is unfortunately not salvation. The ligaments are released, stabilizing them until eventual surgery. “It does not hurt at all. Just when I’m overloading the shoulder – maybe I’ll say it’s a great idea to go for cross-country skiing – then I’ll whine somewhat in the evening, “Samka smiles.

No, the face-to-face changes do not change the pre-On the contrary, he believes that injuries will help relieve pressure. “You’ve been restrained from this crazy hustle,” coach Jelinek says.

So medal two? Problems are here, faith does not go away.

Liverpool completa pré-temporada impressionante com vitória sobre Torino

Houve até uma recepção empolgante para Loris Karius em seu retorno a Anfield, após a final da Liga dos Campeões contra o Real Madrid. Torino forneceu uma oposição mais dura do que Napoli e Manchester United nas duas partidas anteriores do Liverpool, mas o leque de opções disponíveis para Klopp estava novamente em evidência quando Roberto Firmino, Georginio Wijnaldum e Daniel Sturridge encontraram um caminho além de Salvatore Sirigu no gol dos italianos. Seu elenco parece profundo, afiado e impressionante cinco dias antes de uma Betclic apostas temporada da liga com grande expectativa.

O técnico do Liverpool pode ter um problema na defesa central do jogo de abertura da Premier League contra o West Ham United, no domingo.Com Joel Matip lesionado e Dejan Lovren iniciando o treinamento de pré-temporada apenas na segunda-feira após suas façanhas na Copa do Mundo, Joe Gomez estava preparado para se alinhar ao lado de Virgil van Dijk no domingo. Mas o jogador de 21 anos perdeu a partida com força muscular, apesar de estar em forma para o fim de semana. Klopp disse: “Acho que Joe deve ficar bem no domingo, não é nada sério, mas Raggi [Ragnar Klavan] e Joel não estarão em forma.” Nat Phillips, 21 anos, de Bolton, desempenhou o papel contra o Torino e se divertiu. O técnico do Watford, Walter Mazzarri. noite.Mohamed Salah, que trabalhou da melhor maneira possível, encontrou Firmino e o brasileiro liberou Wijnaldum por trás da defesa italiana para um final enfático.

Os mesmos três jogadores estiveram envolvidos na abertura. Wijnaldum e Salah se uniram para preparar Firmino para um chute que desviou bonus de apostas para o canto superior de Lorenzo De Silvestri.

O Liverpool deveria ter assumido a liderança momentos antes, quando recebeu uma grande penalidade do árbitro Michael Oliver. O contratado de verão Fabinho, que marcou todos os 16 pênaltis que levou ao Mônaco na Ligue 1, arrasou o chute.Torino, com seu ex-zagueiro Matteo Darmian olhando do lado principal, puxou um gol de volta através do belo mobile apostas cabeceamento de Andrea Belotti. O Fiver: inscreva-se e receba nosso e-mail diário de futebol.

olhando de cabeça no cruzamento de Xherdan Shaqiri no final. Jordan Henderson também jogou os últimos 20 minutos, tendo apenas iniciado sua pré-temporada no domingo. O negócio importante vem a seguir.

Chelsea pagará £ 71,6 milhões pelo goleiro Kepa Arrizabalaga do Athletic Bilbao

O Chelsea pagará uma taxa recorde mundial por um goleiro garantir Kepa Arrizabalaga do Athletic Bilbao como substituto do Thibaut Courtois que está deixando o clube, que falhou em se apresentar para o segundo dia consecutivo de treinamento e deve assinar pelo Real Madrid isso mês.

Kepa, coroado uma vez, mas considerado um dos goleiros mais promissores da Europa que impressionou por seu país nas faixas etárias juniores, tem uma cláusula de liberação fixada em € 80 milhões.Bilbao está preparado para perder o jovem de 23 anos, que viajou para Madri com seu agente antes de um voo das 10 da manhã para Londres na manhã de quarta-feira, depois de vender o jovem para o Real por apenas £ 17,9 milhões em janeiro. para se Unibet apostas apresentar no treinamento do Chelsea para o segundo dia de corrida Leia mais

O goleiro passou por um médico na janela do meio da temporada apenas para o então técnico do Real, Zinedine Zidane, para dissuadir o conselho de fazer um acordo enquanto ele estava preocupado em interromper o ritmo do time, mudando o goleiro no meio da campanha.Bilbao acabou amarrando-o a novos termos, incluindo a atraente cláusula de compra, antes de terminar em 16º com Kepa, que havia ingressado no clube aos 10 anos de idade, fazendo 30 aparições na Liga a caminho.

< Ao acionar a cláusula, o Chelsea eclipsaria os £ 66,9 milhões que o Liverpool pagou à Roma pelo Brasil nº 1, Alisson, no mês passado.Espera-se que Kepa se submeta a um exame médico na quarta-feira e pode até estrear na estréia da Premier League no sábado, em Huddersfield. “Eu o vi um ano atrás [quando eu estava] em Nápoles, e minha primeira impressão foi que ele era um goleiro muito bom”, disse Sarri após o empate sem gols do Chelsea com o Lyon na noite de terça-feira. “Muito jovem, mas muito, muito bom.” Reproduzir vídeo 0:58 O gerente do Chelsea, Maurizio Sarri, sobre as especulações de Courtois, Kepa e Hazard – vídeo

A mudança ainda constitui uma surpresa, principalmente porque o Chelsea também, procurou contratar Alisson no início deste verão, mas aparentemente se deixou levar pelo tamanho da taxa.No entanto, o clube londrino, que também considerou opções mais baratas, como Jack Butland e Sergio Rico, de Stoke e Sevilla, respectivamente, tem mais margem de Bet365 live manobra, já que seu desejo de adicionar outro time no meio-campo está perto de ser resolvido com a contratação de Mateo, do Real. Kovacic emprestado.

O clube espanhol ofereceu ao meio-campo croata um adoçante para garantir que sua busca por Courtois chegue a uma conclusão positiva. Kovacic deixou claro o desejo de jogar com mais regularidade e poderá sair para a temporada. Chelsea não teria a opção de tornar a mudança permanente no próximo verão, com o Real considerando-o um sucessor de longo prazo de sua compatriota, Luka Modric.Esse acordo também poderia ser confirmado na quarta-feira. Courtois, que deveria voltar a treinar no Chelsea na segunda-feira após um intervalo prolongado após a Copa do Mundo, estava ausente sem sair novamente em Cobham na terça-feira com agora o clube lhe escreveu formalmente solicitando sua volta.

O belga, que entrou nos últimos 12 meses de seu contrato, deixou claro em uma conversa por telefone com Sarri na semana passada que ele quer voltar para Madrid, onde passou três anos emprestado ao Atlético. Seus dois filhos moram na capital espanhola com o ex-parceiro do jogador. Essa mudança pode ser concluída a qualquer momento antes do final do mês.

Kovacic, que assinou com a Internazionale há 27 anos por £ 27 milhões, encontrou oportunidades limitadas no Bernabéu e fez apenas 10 partidas da Liga no último ano.É provável que ele jogue ao lado de Jorginho e N’Golo Kanté no sistema 4-3-3 preferido de Sarri e sua chegada ainda poderá ver o Chelsea tentar mudar pelo menos um de seus médios jogadores, Danny Drinkwater ou Tiémoué Bakayoko, que começaram contra o Lyon. .The Fiver: inscreva-se e receba nosso e-mail diário sobre futebol.

Os clubes foram adiados pelas taxas de empréstimo que estariam envolvidas, com alguns pretendentes em citação somaram oito dígitos, mais a totalidade do o salário do jogador para enfrentá-lo na temporada.O Bakayoko ainda pode se juntar ao Milan nesta temporada.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek jogou 59 minutos contra o Lyon, que foi derrotado por 5-4 nos pênaltis com Rob Green, de 38 anos, defendendo Pape Cheikh Diop, e está desejoso de permanecer no Chelsea para a próxima temporada. “Ele é potencialmente um ótimo jogador”, acrescentou Sarri. “Ele precisa melhorar do ponto de vista tático. Mas acho que isso não é um problema. Ele é muito jovem Ele pode ser um jogador muito bonito para nós. ”

O proprietário do Newcastle, Mike Ashley, responde às críticas do deputado Chi Onwurah

Chi Onwurah, o deputado trabalhista da Newcastle Central, recusou-se a recuar depois que Mike Ashley, proprietário de Newcastle, a acusou de fazer “uma tentativa irresponsável e enganosa…de criar um circo da mídia ao me retratar como um vilão da pantomima” quando criticando sua propriedade do clube na Câmara dos Comuns.

Onwurah, apoiante do Newcastle, apresentou uma petição ao parlamento no mês passado, na qual ela disse que a equipe precisava desesperadamente de apoio “que deveria incluir investimentos em jogadores, instalações de treinamento e envolvimento da comunidade ”e que Ashley“ não deu esse apoio no futuro ”.Ela pediu ao governo que “tome medidas Bet 365 para impedir que proprietários de clubes de futebol sem escrúpulos explorem seus clubes, torcedores e comunidades locais, com particular referência a Mike Ashley e Newcastle United”. “Estou realmente preocupado”: Rafael Benítez preocupado com Perspectivas de Newcastle. Leia mais

Em uma carta enviada a Jeremy Wright, secretário de Estado de Digital, Cultura, Mídia e Esporte, Ashley afirmou que a petição “apresenta uma avaliação totalmente imprecisa da situação no Newcastle United” e estabeleceu suas contribuições para o clube, que ele disse que incluíam empréstimos sem juros de £ 144 milhões, compensação de dívidas de £ 76 milhões, “numerosos programas de envolvimento da comunidade” e instalações de treinamento que “melhoraram significativamente durante o meu mandato, são adequados para o propósito e muito claramente não têm um impacto negativo no desempenho, já que garantimos um lugar no top 10 da Premier League na última temporada ”.

O fundador do Sports Direct reivindicou ainda mais o desempenho de Onwurah A provocação provocou “um volume sem precedentes de abuso inaceitável em relação aos funcionários da Sports Direct e suas empresas associadas”.Ele concluiu: “Eu ficaria feliz em fornecer respostas por escrito a qualquer pergunta que você possa ter, não apenas sobre a posse do futebol, mas também sobre a maneira pela qual a petição foi apresentada e suas subsequentes repercussões.” O DCMS confirmou que recebeu a Os jogadores do Newcastle se recusam a conversar com a mídia sobre os bônus. Leia mais

Durante um verão difícil no St James ‘Park, seis jogadores chegaram a um custo combinado de £ 10,5 milhões, e na semana passada Rafael Benítez disse sobre as negociações de seu clube – que desde então foram aumentadas pela chegada emprestada pelo Salomón Rondón, do West Brom – que “os torcedores precisam se preocupar, estamos preocupados.Estou realmente preocupado “.

Onwurah defendeu sua petição hoje como” apenas um reflexo das preocupações, força e profundidade de sentimento de tantos fãs de Newcastle que me contataram como membro do parlamento “. Foi inspirado na campanha #IfRafaGoesWeGo, liderada por fãs, na qual os torcedores são convidados a “não gastar dinheiro na Sports Direct ou Newcastle até que Rafa Benítez assine um contrato de longo prazo ou Mike Ashley venda o clube”.No momento em que escrevi, 1.900 pessoas se comprometeram a fazê-lo. O Fiver: inscreva-se e receba nosso e-mail diário sobre futebol.

“Estou satisfeito por o Sr. Ashley finalmente ter decidido falar sobre seu investimento em Newcastle, mesmo que seja para o secretário de Estado, e não para os inúmeros fãs, mídia e outros que tentaram se envolver com ele ao longo dos anos ”, disse Onwurah. “No entanto, a carta dele não aborda o ponto central: a falta de investimento em jogadores de Newcastle, que Bet Clic deixou o clube com um dos menores números de gastos líquidos na Premier League.”

Dizendo que o abuso de esportes Funcionários diretos a deixaram “muito chateada”, Onwurah negou que tivesse sido causada por sua petição. “O Sr. Ashley sabe muito bem que as ligações para boicotar o Sports Direct existiam muito antes da minha petição”, disse ela.