Sharp shoulder. Why can Samk be injured even in sleep?

“You’re already saying,” Why are I really here? “coach Marek Jelinek describes his chandra from the December apocalypse of the team. “But you will find yourself much more positive.”

This is especially true of the prominent female patient. In February, she defends Olympic gold in Korea and her shoulder is one of the three most watched wounds in the Czech winter. Gabriela Koukalová’s legs are probably the worst, Martina Sáblíková’s back is asking for extra training – and for her?

“It’s just my shoulders trying on me.But I’m used to riding with them even in a worse condition, “says a girl who, four years ago, won the fans with a courageous ride, a rascal-painted mustache, and a champion on the podium to turn the jacket to a gold lining.

Oh, her shoulders! The biathletes and the fresh Sportswoman of the Year have come up with umbilicus calves unexpectedly, the saddle of the speed-triumphant Sáblíková are burdened with years and years of hard work.

U Samka is a little easier. “The shoulder has a poor layout, it has low joints.The likelihood of her jumping out is greater than in others, “explains Jakub Flejšar, another coach of the Samk. Sometimes these are scenes from a bad joke. “Now it may have happened to her that she fell out of sleep – she moved very badly and her shoulder jumped,” Flejšar recalls. “But the fired will not stay, he will always come back alone. By the second day, it is then able to work under the powders. ”

Repeated injuries naturally cause tissue damage around the joint. One operation is behind Samko, the other is probably not going to be avoided. These problems are actually coloring. “We take it with reserve. In Sochi, her shoulder fell off during training and was normally able to enter races, “Flejšar believes in a golden example. “It will never be ideal.We have to learn how to live and work. ”

The central commandment is clear. “It must not fall,” says Jelinek and his colleague Flejšar adds. “And we hope he will not fall. Now we had an incredible coincidence when all three of them were all stupid – and they all wounded their shoulders. Evky is more likely than that. ”

The female definitely does not sacrifice special exercises, but in this case it is unfortunately not salvation. The ligaments are released, stabilizing them until eventual surgery. “It does not hurt at all. Just when I’m overloading the shoulder – maybe I’ll say it’s a great idea to go for cross-country skiing – then I’ll whine somewhat in the evening, “Samka smiles.

No, the face-to-face changes do not change the pre-On the contrary, he believes that injuries will help relieve pressure. “You’ve been restrained from this crazy hustle,” coach Jelinek says.

So medal two? Problems are here, faith does not go away.

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