Start of winter preparations for Slovácko footballers: without advice or without reinforcement

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Slovácko’s footballers are still split into two halves due to the traditional health and physical tests in Olomouc. As soon as everyone meets for the first time in the morning, Michal Kordula will not have the problem of checking whether the training camp in Turkey is complete. No new face would have been there.

“But we are intensively working on the arrival of one or two players who should be an immediate reinforcement in the struggle for rescue,” said sports director Stanislav Levy.

He refused to speak about the details. According to MF DNES, Slovácko wants to defeat even one offensive from one Czech player.It is definitely not the return of Michal Kadlec from Sparta, whom some media have speculated in the past days.

Coach Kordula mentions the effort of the Slovaks to maximize their own players. each coach would want reinforcements, preferably of great quality to be relatively calm. But I think that even though we are in some difficulties, he is not to avoid the concept of the club, “Kordula stressed.

The coach of the current 14th team of the league, which is only two points from the descent, also admits that the arrival of several reinforcements from outside this time seems to be needed. “We know where our shoes are pushing.Some players who are interesting to us are on the agenda, I’m also in touch with them, but in order to succeed, it’s more of our leadership. ”

The competition also circles around several Slovak footballers: Heči, defender of the Bohemika, Havlíček midfielder with Machalík and the striker of the Rabbit.

“We register a certain interest, but nothing is in the hot phase. We would have to respond adequately to the eventual departure, “said Levent Sports Leader.

Slovácko will head to the Turkish resort of Belek tomorrow without the Tomáš Rady, who is in order after the summer knee surgery. p> Tomáš Rada (right) last year fought for health problems, with Slovácko to Turkey probably will not.

“The tests did not solve.Although he has been running for some time, but the ball has not been on the field yet, we are wondering if we would prefer to leave him in an individual training regime, “said Kordula coach at the 34-year-old Council, who only played for six minutes in 2017. “We will only see what Tomáš will be in the health and gaming situation, and the place in the squad has to fight like everyone else.” On the other hand, Fit is the next scooter, who in the autumn suffered from knee problems – Tomáš Břečka.

Besides, the team again joined the midfielder Tomas Vasiljev, who spent six months on hosting in Vítkovice.

“We followed him but we wanted to see his improvement also in the training process.Training with us will be Matěj Trmal from the junior and the 17-year-old Michal Kohút from the puppet in which we see the future, “Kordula noted.

Slovácko spends three weeks of the winter break for two weeks in Turkey

“In addition to some time on the road, I see only a great deal of it. We are looking for high-quality playgrounds and quality rivals, “commented the coach. “Last year we were almost three weeks in a row, similar to the summer in Slovenia.Now, we have decided to break it by returning to Hradiště. ”

At home, the team will live the second half of January, when the preparation will add to a duel on the Rapid Vienna course, for which it will be general before the spring start of the Austrian League.

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