Betway Registration

betway logo Are you willing to open an account with Betway? Let’s start by congratulating you for the wise choice. Betway is a user-friendly platform and you will be very happy for having taken such a decision.

The first step you have to do is to register. Betway registration via sms in Kenya is done as on most betting platforms. You just have to go ahead and register an account on Betway and send an SMS with the word accept to 29029 (Please read the rules and regulations first at ). Betway will send a confirmation SMS with new account details such as the username and the password.

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Once you have been given out the account details, go ahead and deposit a sum of money. Remember the minimum amount is Sh10. Next go to M-pesa on your mobile phone, Select Pay Bill option, Enter the pay bill number 880185, then your username number. Now you are just left to choose the sum of money you want to deposit, Enter your M-Pesa pin number and Send. Next message you will get is a confirmation from M-pesa that your account has been succesfully charged with the amount of your deposit.

A trustful and well-controlled business

If you wish to withdraw some money from your Betway account the procedure is very simple: SMS the sum to be extracted using w# with your Betway Pin to 29029.

Once this task is completed, you will receive a confirmation of your query. SMS Balance to 29029 to get the current account balance. Payments are done at 10 AM and 17PM, from Monday till Saturday.

Steps on how to check your Account balance

Checking your account balance is a quick step, just sms the word “Balance” to the number 29029. Once you do this step, Betway is going to send you straight away the current state of your account balance.

Exciting offers!

After you have undergone the Betway registration process , check the promotions as well. Betway offers exciting promotions.  At the time of writing this, there is a fascinating promotion offered by Betway. Simply predict 8 matches from the English Premier League and win Sh 80,000,000! Betway offers as well a big jackpot of Sh 15,500,000 this week for betting correctly on 13 games. Betway gives special occasions of free bets to clients that deposit more than Sh200 on their account. Join this platform as well begin making bets!

In addition to the many promotions offered by this bookmaker, it is also worth taking advantage of the offers of large, global bookmakers such as Bet365 or Unibet. Only with accounts from several bookmakers can you take full advantage of the difference in offers and rates.

Betway Registration
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