COMMENT: Jilek’s legacy. And what awaits Olomouc in a new era

Lethargic, as if without interest. Lazy Aidin Mahmutovic is forced to sprint on the tip only a few times. A 0: 2 defeat is a logical outcome. Just like the first league descent three months later. Vaclav Jílek could not start worse as a head coach.

Or yes? Also in the second league he started miserably and if it were not for the redeemed goal headers of Jan Štěrba at the set time in Vlašim in the fourth round, he would probably have packed from Olomouc.

? many asked me, including me. He can!

It took him three quarters of a year to teach sigmaks a challenging, active game full of breaks and attacks. And Jilek’s career as well. It was the dominant procedure.And then the dream season in the highest competition, an attractive game with eight pupils in the basic line enchanted the fans, fourth place, Jílek receives the award for the best coach of the league and looks forward to the beautiful qualification of the European League against Seville. average year: ninth position, surprising end in the group round of the European League with Zlín…

And on Thursday Jílek signed a three-year contract in Sparta! How long will it take for the coach who still sings on the bus after losing a match to have a clear game vision? finally, he is betting on conceptual work.

“As a club, we express confidence in the coach.It wasn’t here before, ”Rosicky said. “I took care of it and am convinced that Václav Jílek is the right choice and that it will last a long time. The coach is the bearer of the club’s values.He speaks for his work in Olomouc, his playing style and how he moved the players. ”

Jílek is preparing a month to stuff the basic gaming and tactical principles into the Spartans with his renowned Olomouc assistant Jiří Saňák, that enchanted Rosicky so much that he was on the list of adepts even before the Pilsen Pavel Vrba. “I think the month should have been enough to put the game face on the team from the beginning of the season,” believes the 43-year-old Jílek despite his experience in Olomouc.

Takes over Sparta in a mess.

Pilsen is lagging behind, spinning coaches, not hit the reinforcements and the cauldron of fans calls for boycott of matches.With Jilek, who has been acquainted with Letná as an assistant for three years, a new era is to come.

“There are two teams that are a bit ahead of Sparta. Our big ambition is to call them, ”he said. If he and Rosicky form a strong pair, as in Slavia Jan Nezmar with Henry Trpisovsky, with the support of the club owner can do it.

Jílek has the ability. Although he did not play football professionally, he sees it in many colors, nuances, details. He is also entertaining with press conferences, at which he describes the problem aptly and gives a glimpse of the game board.But now he will be under much greater pressure.

“It is a great opportunity and responsibility at the same time,” he says.

Today will introduce Látala

Olomouc will officially present its successor at 10 am today. In front of David Holoubek, a former Sparta coach, she again bet on the regional line, a link to the club and chose the Sigma legend of Radek Látal.Former representative and winner of the UEFA Cup with Schalke was without engagement after a successful position in Trnava, which he got into the basic group of the European League. He has also been successful in Poland.

He is a different type of coach than Jílek. it is logical that Sigma reached for him, although he did not leave as a good player. What Sigma will do to Jilek’s departure will only be time.Although critics blame him that he did not give talented youngsters in Olomouc, he did a lot of work for Olomouc football in a difficult time, returned joy to his fans and despite the embarrassed start earned recognition and luxury contract with Sparta. era. She recently sold a key midfielder Lukáš Kalvach to Pilsen, without whom Jílek could not have imagined the eleven. Kalvach, like Chorý or Radakovič pod Jílkem, significantly improved, Olomouc earned tens of millions of them in a year and a half.For Jílek from Sparta reportedly received an amount of about six million, which is not very much considering the crucial position in the club hierarchy, but the fact that Jílek signed a new two-year contract with Olomouc on the day he just got a notice in Sparta Coach Zdeněk Ščasný, it’s not even a little.

For Sigma, who needs every crown, actually win win situation in a way, because after the first spring defeat with Jablonec considered Jilka’s appeal. In the club, however, thanks to unprecedented confidence in the Czech Republic lasted three and a half years. And it would be a great pity not to link Jilek’s legacy of demanding active football.

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