Girls have to recover, says basketball coach of Karlovy Vary

“It was totally insane. If some girls do not recapture that they have to take and fly as a rag on the go, we will not go anywhere. It’s just about them, how they put up with it and how much power they put into it, “she complained.

” That’s how professionals do not behave, it’s a waste of time. If they do not remember and will not want to do it all, we can play maximum crying, “added Krämer.

The captain of the Karlovy Vary Dana Kuslitova shot into the basket of her former club full of 31 points, joined eight rebounds and five blocks – and all that her team needed as salt. Halfway through, Kušlitová had 19 points and her team was 45:37. And it was a decisive lead.

In the second half, it was even more balanced.The twenty-seven-year-old pivot, which remained largely isolated in the West Bohemia, tried to humiliate the trio of the best Jihocekas together. Tereza Šípová scored 24 points and seven rebounds. Christina Tomšovice flashed 19 points, eight rebounds and eight gains and Alena Jeništova managed double-double 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Krämer was only slightly glad to have one thing. “The state of health may be good, we have enough people to rotate. Unfortunately, only those he deserves will play, because looking at what they did with Strakonice, it’s shame, “he does not take napkins.

“We’ve been training for two years, and everything has disappeared. I do not understand, in two years’ time, everything can not be dissolved by the departure of one player, “he pauses over the team’s status after Julie Reisinger’s departure.What with this? “The only solution is that everyone can hear the money, so if you do not have the performance, you do not get it. This is not the case. ”

Maybe fatigue? At the beginning of the year, Carlsbad basketball players have a rather busy schedule over other periods. “I do not think there is so much. In my era, there was also a stack of matches, and I live, and I got it far. Simply, if someone wants, they will stand up to it, and if they do not want to, then, after that, “Marcela Krämerová explains.

Faithful to her tradition and momentary mood she went straight from the hall. “After the match I do not go to the dressing room, I would say something that can not be taken back. We will discuss this over the course of the next few days. We have something to work on, “he says.

Time is gone.Already on Monday, the Czech Cup play for the Final Four with the Žabina Brno team, which shines in Europe and gets to the top of the league. On Friday, an important league match with Ostrava. Will the League not be preferred? “We’ll put everything into it, I do not recognize the distribution of important and insignificant matches. If I get directions we do not have it, so…”

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