In February in shorts. A native of Alaska is better in Prague than in Florida

For the native of Alaska, the streets of the Czech metropolis are somewhat cramped. But now he has to deal with them under the wheel of the powerful Hyundai Genesis, which is being run by the Kooperativa NBL player.

“I’m very curious about this,” he admitted shortly after the takeover of the car, a poor Afro-American . “With all the trams around, on the narrow streets of Prague and the small parking spaces it will be a bit different from what I’m used to,” adds a 25-year-old driver who has been driving for 10 years.

and a driver from sixteen.Fortunately, I have not had an accident yet, so I’m not wrong, “he knocks on the wood.

Unlike Alaska, he will not have to defrost his new car in the morning in the morning.

“I heard that in Alaska, the engine can freeze on the way at extremely low temperatures. But I have never seen it before, and I do not even know anyone who happened to do it. ”

Since in some parts of Alaska in winter temperature is not above minus 20, it can be assumed that the Czech winter was a weak kneel for the Anchorage native.

Or at least the last, rather chilly weeks, were it according to his taste? “It was not so cool here, I still wore shorts with a sweatshirt.The teammates complained that I did not even take my pants, but it was just not cold, “until she almost shook her answer to the usual naught. “I do not need any gloves here either. Maybe you just nanda the hood from the sweatshirt when it’s raining. Or if it’s a bit cooler. ”

On Bookerta, only colleagues from the Prague Nusle complained. Already at the Florida State University, where the winter is definitely not going, the Nigerian pivot Michael Ojo was also posting that the roommate used to the colder breeding required a little warmer room.

“I spent part of my childhood in South Carolina and a year in Las Vegas, which lies in the desert, so Florida was no longer such a horror.But I hate it, I can not sleep in it, “admits Bookert, who started this season in the US G-League competition as an NBA farm. It might have been cold February that Devon Bookert in the league he made the plunge even though he was frozen in his case, and the USK helped to make a perfect 4-0 score with famed performances averaging 19.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1.8 profits, 3.8 assists, 6.5 fouls won and 27.3 for 31 minutes.

22 of the 25 penalties turned, when he played seventeen in a row during three games, the trophy balance was 18/11 and USK returned to the fight for play -off.

What happened to the whole, which has already faded away from the defeat of the struggles, it happened that he again found the winning team?

“We played as a team, joint meetings and decided to put everything in the rest of the season.The coach spoke with all of us and positively explained to us what we should improve, “he says at the address of Greek coach Chugaz, who was missing the team before the end of the year.

And it was just the first match for the Booker teammate, who came at the end of November as a replacement for the then top shooter Quentin Peterson, heading for South Korea.

In the middle of January his contributions were very modest. Since then, she has been riding like a saw and, on request, sparks twenty-point performance. Maybe even because he was better off with a wing roll.

“I’ve been changing my guard positions all my life, but I feel the most comfortably in the heat.Upon coming here, I just had to get a little used to adjusting to other games and rules in Europe, “admits the American, who also surprised his overseas family with the MVP prize from the Czech league.

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