Plebanec gets used to Toronto. The beards had to go down, as well as ice time

If Plekanec plays all of the remaining parts of the base, he will complete this 999 Series in the Match Box. “I hope to return to Montreal. But we will see, “he did not want to anticipate a 35-year-old forvard. But the jubilee feat in the opening match of the team’s next junior team, with which he has almost united his career, would have hockey fans around the world.

But now he is on a different mission. The exchange from Canada’s melting francophone metropolis has been on the brink for a long time, trembling has taken place this year. Expected gauge made it easy for Plecan to communicate with General Manager Marc Bergevin. “He could send me away without a single word. But before we left, we solved the situation.I did not know where to go, but at least I knew I would stay in the east, “Plekanec said in an interview for Sportsnet television. Canadiens boss facilitated them. “I respect Mare’s respect. And together with him and the whole organization. “Eventually, he did not have to venture into a new location. His new home for the rest of the season became Toronto. The club filled with young talents is going to play off, the necessary experience will be given by the Czech coward.

Lou Lemoriello is lured by Maple Leafs. A general manager who, during a New Jersey career, was renowned for a strict regime involving short cut hairstyles and a ban on high jersey numbers.Whoever could not imagine Plekans without his beard must get used to it.

“My former teammate Brian Giont was already preparing for me. And he was right, “laughed the smooth-faced Kladen native.

In Toronto, they recall well another envoy from Kladno, former defender of Tomas Kaberle. “He once told me that I would fit into Maple Leafs perfectly. I told him that it would probably never happen, “Plekanec recalled. Kaberle was the first to learn about his February move.

Plekanec, the junior world champion in 2001, has not seen the Toronto score in his eight earning points. His new team, however, is experiencing one of the best seasons in 15 years, mainly thanks to the performance of the youngsters of Mitchell Marner, William Nylander and the star Austin Matthews.For the experienced hockey player, he is still in the fourth row.
Maple Leafs confirmed the form in the last match against Montreal, who beat 4: 0. Plebanec ate ​​with his recent teammates, who fired again by putting on the Czech striker so characteristic turtleneck.

The ex-deputy captain has said, “Like in the old days. It’s just a little different. “After play off, it will show how long.

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