Sweden – Finland 3: 1, the winner goes straight to the quarterfinals

“It’s a big win for us. It’s exactly what we wanted to achieve. And that was the (direct) move to the quarterfinals. I think we played really well as a team, “Captain Joel Lundqvist said. “It was a balanced match in which neither team had a lot of chances, but we did it and we won,” he added.

In the Swedes’ goal, Fasth took on the opening duel with Norway (4: 0) with zero, followed by his colleague Enroth last time against Germany (1: 0).

The Swedes had an introduction but Möller of the Finnish goalie Koskinen did not overcome. After half of the introductory part, the Swedes were cheering when Lindhold rang out, but according to the follow-up of the video, the stick was too high. The goal, which moved by a stateless state, was set at 15.minute Lander, who knocked on Koskinen and beat him with a blow between the concrete.

Kemppainen missed the start of the second part, but missed a successful opportunity before the naked Swedish goal. Koivisto ended with a bekhendem, the puck was flowing through the sword of Fransson, he flew into the air, flew Fastha and Kemppainen took him behind the back of his net. The Swedes earned the 141 minutes and 32 seconds for the first time in the tournament.

In the 27th minute Kemppainen could have finished the turn but failed. The Finns have significantly increased their activity, Heiskanen had another chance to score, but again without success. Then Manninen found himself in the ideal position for the finish of the Koskirant, but greatly hit the goalman Fasth.Koskinen pushed Lindström’s wound off before the pause.

The third part was again Swedish. And the guys went on again from the 49th minute: Fransson threw his gun, and Zackrisson found the puck in the fall and sent him back for Koskinen’s back.

“It was the situation after the throw-in when we sent the reel to the goal, there I managed to fight him and send him to the net. It’s great to score at the Olympics.And it’s great to make the team move into the quarterfinals, “Zackrisson was pleased.

The young Tolvanen, the most productive player in the tournament, > In the end, the Finns had a great deal of opportunity to compensate when the Trekronor selection offered them a power play, but they did not even have a power-play risk, with Tolvanen blowing from the first missed goal. He added to the Swedes who are among the top eight to compete with the winner of the Switzerland-Germany Duel, five seconds before the final siren Möller, who scored a goal.

The quarterfinals are a reality, but a very difficult match is ahead of us.Meanwhile, we can be happy and happy, but if we lost in the quarterfinals, it would be a great disappointment, “said Lundqvist.

” It was a tough match for us that was small details. And the opponent gave more goals than we did. It was a battle in which we were unable to use the power play. Even though we had quite a chance, sometimes it just does not fit. In the big matches that are ahead of us, they will need to be used, “said Finnish defender Sami Lepistö.

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