The fierce finishing of the mass race was mastered by Fourcade, Moravec was eleventh

Both of the two breathing spurts behind the finish line fell on the snow. Not one of them was happy with the enormous performance and enthralling finishing, Martin Fourcade even shook his head unhappy. But after a while, the French biathlete Simon Schempp, his main Sunday challenger, embraced as an Olympic champion! The Germans ran a few millimeters!So dramatic was the arrival of the last individual Olympic race in Korea.

Martin Fourcade celebrates the fourth Olympic triumph in his career and as the only biathlete in Pyongyang he has won two individual medals.

The silver loser has become Schempp , for the bronze medal, Nor Emil Hegle Svendsen, who finished in the final round of the other Erik Lesser and Benedikt Dolla. Ondřej Moravec fired three items perfectly without errors and kept himself in the best position.However, the error on the final item in the standing position pushed him to fight for other places.

“It was a tight shot at ten o’clock,” biatlon coach Michael Málek said to Czech Television. “Otherwise it was a great performance. We are sorry for everyone and Ondra for the most, “he added.

Krčmář nesprávoval, nesprávoval. A mistake was made by the Czech biathlete on the last lap as the seventh, in the final three kilometers, a pack of persecutors went over it, so the bronze medalist from the Sochi mass start race takes 11th place.

“The first wrong shot was down, I did not think it was. Then he left the last wounds there, keeping the concentration.On the last item he wanted to score quickly, but he failed, “he commented coach Malek landlord shooting actions.

the landlord over previous Olympic races did not go so even on the track. Of the thirty rounds he scored 21th time, Moravec was in the sixteenth run. The fastest lap of the Alpensia area was the victorious Fourcade, who was trying to ensnare German officials in the second half of the race. In vain.

Fourcade brings the second gold from Pyongyang. Another may add in relay races.On Tuesday there will be a mixed relay in which the Czech quartet could be high.

“There are three adepts on two men’s sections,” said Málek, who could send Krčmář and Moravce to the race. “It will matter how they will feel and what the moods will be. We will also see what health will be, “he concluded.

How It Happened

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