Udine jersey for Barak, hotel with Balem et al. Czechs get used to China

“I was pleasantly surprised, I did not expect anything like that,” the Czech midfielder said. “Although English is not good for the locals, and I do not know Chinese anymore, but they are all nice, decent, nice and respectful. They even asked Cuba Jank, “added Barak.

And he reminded his teammate from Italy, by the way, another face of the tournament in China.

The second year of the China Cup, after arriving in Nan-Ning. Besides the stars of Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani or Gareth Bale, there are also Antonin Barak and Jakub Jankt. Or Bořek Dočkal.

“I do not know who did it, but it’s a huge honor. On the other hand, it’s a lot distorting and it does not mean anything.It is not important who is on the photo but what is the jersey, “added Barak, who was the only one who eventually came to the tournament.

” China generally lives in football, interested in it, which is see. Although they do not know us, they want to see the players who feed on the top level, “says defender Tomas Kalas from Fulham.

The Czechs are in the tournament grounds the first day, a luxury hotel in an Asian style out of the center cities share with representatives of Wales who have been in China since Monday. This Czech team did not arrive until Thursday about 6 o’clock due to a plane failure.In China, there is currently a seven-hour shift towards Central Europe.

During the morning, footballers arrived, walked out and trained outside the main stadium. “We were already on the plane to move on to the Chinese time to catch the day we lost due to a defect on the plane,” explains midfielder Vladimir Darid.

“We will see how it will reach us after the first night, but we certainly can not excuse for a while.We had the best conditions at the moment, “Barak continued.

About eight thousand kilometers away from the home, a traditionally broad support team takes over. “We are trying to make the limitations of the long flight as small as possible,” says Dr. Petr Krejčí. “We’ve learned from athletes, including Olympians or tennis players, all the information, and many claim that it’s even better to come just before the performance before you get into a new rhythm.”

Do the Czechs need to get through it as quickly as possible. Their Friday rival, Uruguayan footballer, has been preparing in China since the beginning of the week. “I heard a lot of people came to see their training. I believe he will arrive at the match.And that they might be more like a rival? I can not guess, the main thing is when the atmosphere is supreme, “Barak looks forward.

The match against the participant of the upcoming World Championship is played on Friday from 12.35 Central European Time.

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