Under the blast furnace in Ostrava, there is a top beach volleyball

“It is an extraordinary event,” said Michal Provazník, a member of the Bohemian Volleyball Union Board and a former successful beach volleyball player who is dedicated to youth in the Volley Beskydy project. “So important tournaments are often in an unusual environment, and it will be a case of Ostrava.”

The world elite will meet in Ostrava in the Lower Vitkovice area under the old blast furnaces.

“We have areas where the number of playgrounds and the central court can be needed inside the steel city,” said Petr Koudela, the director of the area.

At the World Series in Prague, the organizers brought about 36 sand carriages to the Stvanica tennis area. “At that time, the organizers built five courts, in Ostrava they should be more because men and women will compete,” said Michal Provazník.He estimates there could be eight.

“It will not be a problem,” said Petr Koudela. “We will use the tracks that go to Vítkovice to the company.” He recalled his experience of beach volleyball at the London 2012 Olympic Games. “I wished to see him and the best played among the monuments right in the center, so I’m glad that even with us this sport will be connected with history, “he smiled.

Koudela admits that it will be more complicated to handle everything logistically. “We have to put the tournament in between the music festivals and all that’s big buildings,” he said. In the middle of June, the Oldies festival takes place and Beats for Love begins on July 4th.

The cost of the tournament will exceed 20 million crowns.The organizers only need 300,000 US dollars for rewards, which is around 6.7 million crowns.

The event was supported by representatives of the city and the region at the same amount of four million crowns. “In my opinion, there is nothing to prevent such action in the city,” said Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura. He added that originally the city had the necessary amount prepared for the Fed Cup, but this one was held in Prague this year.

“As for big sport events, we are in agreement with Ostrava,” said Deputy Governor Stanislav Folwarczny.

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