VIEW: Why did Dario win and why not take the polls seriously

The example of Koubka shows that the polls express only the subjective view of a narrow circle of voters.

Darida is popular with both teammates and opponents, fans across league clubs. He is a practitioner who is often the most accustomed to the field.

Since the unexpected invitations to the European Championship in the summer of 2012, he has a steady performance, with successive steps he has gained a solid reputation. After Pilsen he made his appearance in Freiburg, which he then exchanged for a much larger Hertha in Berlin, where he also belongs to the support.

The Pilsner Parent is a heartbreaker. Poctivec. Dobrák.

But was he the best of all Czechs in 2017? He himself admitted that he had a more successful period. “The first year in Berlin, I probably felt the best feeling.On the other hand, I did not finish the last one because of injuries, “the midfielder who ended up with the club in the weak European League last month and did not play a large part of the autumn because of a bloody knee.

However, since 2013, Darida is regularly taking part in one of the finest competitions of the planet, which automatically guarantees points in the Czech Republic.

Even in the most famous Golden Ball, the best of all was not in the year when Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo won.But for voters, the name and long-term performance will take precedence over the current form.

That Darida exceeds the hegemony of Petr Čech, they could also decide matches in the representation. Since the summer of 2016 Bohemia has not been a national team. Even the fact that Arsenal has been experiencing one of the weakest years of the last years could also be jeopardized.

But why is not the seventh Jiri Pavlenka, who won the title and after moving to Germany, is holding the average Bremen outside the descent partitions?

Why did not anyone vote for Koubka, L’Equipe the best goalie in France? When he arrived at Rennes in early September, the nineteenth team was the penultimate.Now it’s thanks to Koubka in the fifth table…

Polls often do not rely on objective data, but they are also sympathetic – it is evidenced by the fact that in Football Manager 2017 Josef Jindřišek, Bohemians 1905. It’s not necessary to take them seriously.

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