Worry about an unfair tennis legend. Will Court Court stay?

She said the lesbians on the WTA Tour are seducing the youth. That they infected children’s minds in the same way Hitler or the Communists once did. And the transsexuals are the work of the devil.

The organizers of the first grandslam of the year welcomed the American King on Friday to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of her local triumph. She will hand over the trophy to a fresh female singles winner in two weeks.

In addition to gratitude and courtesy phrases, the former champion and pioneer expressed herself on a hot topic. Like Navratilova, she does not feel her sexual orientation and asks for Margaret Court Arena to be renamed.

“I’m not going to boycott the matches, but if I had to get on this court now, I would have refused,” she told the press. “Her statements are abusive, they hurt me deeply.We are all children of God. ”

Earlier rivals in Melbourne have not spoken, since Courtney gave this year’s priority to crab hunting on the West Coast. The owner of a record collection of 24 singles grandslam trophies from 1960 to 1973 is a parish priest in Perth. It is a struggle for maintaining a classical family.When Courtney Casey Dellacqua and her partner were born daughter Andie, Court wrote in a newspaper letter that she was robbed of her father.

When Qantas joined the same sex marriage lawsuit, Courtney announced that she never travels with her again.

Her controversial views provoked last year Navartilova, who in her statement made her thoughts poisonous. “Even because of this intolerance, people take their lives. Others are bullied and beaten only because they are different. That’s not right.How many bloods are they still clinging to Margaret’s hands? “She asked. She admits that Court has earned her sporting success in the Tennis Hall of Fame. “But I do not think the public building should be named after her,” she said. At the same time, she suggested that another Australian champion Evonne Goolagong, who comes from the aboriginal family of indigenous peoples of the continent and is more moral than the controversial person, would replace her in the title.

The Court of First Instance was arrested in spring 2017 by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull “Craig Tiley, the head of the Australian Open and the Australian Union, naturally perceives the sparks between the ladies.” “It’s Margaret’s celebration as a great player.”

She does not share her view of the world with Court, but she does not yet plan to rename the arena: “We are talking about this issue in a wider circle with members of Victoria’s government owned by Melbourne Park. ”

Sharpening between the legends is probably not over.

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